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The regular monthly Dies Librorum events will be held July, August, and September. Then, I will be switching to a quarterly event on the second Saturday. The first of these will be held on December 10th. These will be all-day events, with appetizers and refreshments. To date, we already have 7 authors who will be present and selling their books in December!

Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen

The Book Haven will present Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen in concert at 7:00 P.M. on Thursday, August 4th. RSVP Required! Space is limited.

A Gillette & Mangsen concert features compelling songs, rich harmony, and a good dose of humor. Steve and Cindy have performed on National Public Radio, across North America and Europe, delighting audiences with traditional music and original songs. Although they come from different musical backgrounds, “their voices and styles meld seamlessly with a gentleness and a maturity that is unmatched in the world of folk duos.”

Mr. Gillette is a country/folk songwriter with Western roots. Some of his best known songs, Darcy Farrow, Bed of Roses, and Back on the Street Again, have been covered by artists such as Ian & Sylvia, John Denver, Garth Brooks, Linda Ronstadt, and Tammy Wynette.
Ms. Mangsen is known for compelling interpretations of traditional Anglo-Scottish ballads, thoughtful songs, and a wonderful ear for harmony. She is a keeper of old songs as well as a writer and interpreter of new ones.

The duo has recorded six albums in their 25-year collaboration, as well as solo albums and projects with other artists (Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills, Michael Smith).

This will be the last house concert at The Book Haven. F Street Gallery and the Coaldale Community Center are some of the newer venues for house concerts!

Dies Librorum - Tuesday, August 9th, 6:30- $10

RSVP Required!

Featured Musicians: Paula and Ed Berg

Featured Authors:
Mel Strawn, Drawings +, a collection of works in various media: prints, paintings, photographs, and traditional drawings from the 1940’s until 2016.

Marikay Shellman, Gullliver’s Babies, a children’s story written and illustrated by Shellman, about an owl who, in 19 years, has helped raise more than 200 babies at the Avian Reconditioning Center. A portion of the sales of “Gulliver’s Babies” will be donated to ARC.

Molly Kate Brown, Learning To Walk in India: A Love Story. A life-altering illness keeps Molly from traveling solo through India, a long-held dream, and instead gives way to a journey of another kind. Her raw and often humorous account takes readers on her wild, unforgettable ride as she surrenders to India, to her herself, and ultimately to the unknown as she learns to walk again.

Laurel McHargue, Waterwight. In a post-cataclysmic world threatened by stinking ooze, a brave girl searches for her missing parents with the help of talking animals and evolving powers. When a mountain spirit challenges her to save the planet, she and a flying frog must overcome a magical, malicious castle of sand and a shapeshifter who wants her dead.

Featured Cuisine: Thai Coconut Curry Beef and Shrimp, (Veggie Option Available), Basmati Rice, Salad Greens with Creamy Miso Dressing, Caramelized Bananas, Wine.
(Please bring your own tableware and glass!)

For 2016

Lunch in the Living Room will begin in January and be served through April on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at noon. Meals are gluten-free, meat-free, and dairy-free, $10.

Dies Librorum will continue to be a festival during the “shoulder months” of January through May, but it will feature a wider variety of artists--authors, musicians, poets—and will end up on various dates.

We will continue to carry music accessories, office supplies, as well as cards, journals, maps, and gift items with our many new and used books. We will be adding fax services, $1.00 per page, Tuesday – Friday afternoons. So stay tuned and keep reading!

Enjoy the holidays, the snow, the warmth and joy of the season!