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"Bound for the Western Sea: The Canine Account of the Lewis & Clark Expedition" - Thursday, Sept. 8th, 7:30

Experience the Lewis & Clark Expedition through the eyes—and the nose, ears, jaws, paws and heart—of Meriwether’s enormous Newfoundland dog Seaman. Author/librarian Laura Lee Yates and musician Harry Harpoon present words and songs that offer a lively new look at the bold and perilous journey that changed America. “Bound for the Western Sea: The Canine Account of the Lewis & Clark Expedition” will leave you tapping your toes

RSVP Required!

Dies Librorum/Festival of Books - Tuesday, September 13, 6:00

(Our last monthly event of the year!—Look for the quarterly second Saturday festival, beginning in December!)

$10 15% off all books RSVP Required! Please bring your own tableware.

Featured Musician: David Tipton, playing the chapman stick

Featured Authors:
Ann West, presenting her granddaughter’s book, Where’s My Football? Follow Johnny around the house as he looks for his football in this lift-the-flap book.

Jim West, Topo; The Stories Behind the Maps.While working at a United States Geological Survey (USGS) map store, Jim learned the fascinating stories—sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant—about the people who buy maps and the reasons they do so. His favorites are included in this book.

Helen Raleigh, Broken Welcome Mat. Helen, an immigration expert, weaves in her own experiences as a Chinese immigrant with U.S. history to create a vivid picture of America’s current immigration policy—and its problems. Intelligent, sensible, and witty, this book provides a road map for improving America’s immigration system and creating a stronger, healthier America for generations to come.

Teresa Cutler-Broyles, One Eyed Jack. Based on her experiences working with a one-eyed horse and from a life with horses, Teresa tells the story of a 12 year old who buys a thoroughbred hunter/jumper on impulse to save him from being put down. Young Lauren is determined to help Jack, the one-eyed horse, adjust and even enter a show. Follow Lauren and Jack as they find out just how far trust will take them.

Hal Walter, Full Tilt Boogie and Endurance.This Colorado journalist weaves together his challenges of being a father of a special-needs child, a champion pack-burro racer, husband, and rancher. Endurance captures a season in cross-country with Harrison, his autistic son. Both overflow with love, commitment, fear, hope, and courage.

Featured Cuisine: Chicken with Basil Cream Sauce (Veggie Option Available), Pasta, Salad Greens with Fresh Vegetables, Chocolate Mouse, Wine.

The regular monthly Dies Librorum events will be held July, August, and September. Then, I will be switching to a quarterly event on the second Saturday. The first of these will be held on December 10th. These will be all-day events, with appetizers and refreshments. To date, we already have 7 authors who will be present and selling their books in December!

For 2016

Lunch in the Living Room will begin in January and be served through April on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at noon. Meals are gluten-free, meat-free, and dairy-free, $10.

Dies Librorum will continue to be a festival during the “shoulder months” of January through May, but it will feature a wider variety of artists--authors, musicians, poets—and will end up on various dates.

We will continue to carry music accessories, office supplies, as well as cards, journals, maps, and gift items with our many new and used books. We will be adding fax services, $1.00 per page, Tuesday – Friday afternoons. So stay tuned and keep reading!

Enjoy the holidays, the snow, the warmth and joy of the season!